Shankar Rajendran’s tactics for boosting your social media reach

Social Media Manager, Shankar Rajendran talks social media reach.

When it comes to social media, it’s important to know how to organically grow and foster content that is relevant, precise and articulate. Boosting your reach no matter the social media platform is possible for everyone. Shankar Rajendran is a social media marketing specialist from Orange, Connecticut. Rajendran has dug deep into the logistics of social media and understands what makes a successful vision and what fails due to certain hiccups in strategy. Shankar Rajendran is here to help us find the balance between organic reach on social media and what you can do for your page, business or platform that will extend its use and purpose.

Use targeting to maximize organic potential

This tactic will vary from platform to platform, but tweaking the settings to your posts to target specific members of your audience can give you a boost in organic potential. For websites like Facebook, this strategy is simple and works well, says Shankar Rajendran. Use organic post targeting within settings to tweak who sees your post, which helps target the correct people you desire to view the content you are producing. These same setting tweaks exist on Twitter and Instagram and can allow you to categorize your posts with hashtags. Take any opportunity to further the growth of your social media page by being more precise about your target market, says Shankar Rajendran.

Post during slow hours

A common misconception, says Shankar Rajendran is that you need to produce and post content during peak scrolling and viewing hours. This is not true. This will only throw your content in a mix with all of the other material that is being posted at the time. You’re likely to get drowned out and unseen, especially if people are scrolling during these peak times when they are on their lunch break, or in a waiting room, etc. They will dismiss your posts and focus on all of the content flooding their page. Posting during slow hours gives you a level up on the overflow of material.

Certain social media apps get more activity at certain times, says Shankar Rajendran.

Looking at research data, these are generally the best times you should be posting:

Facebook — (Thursdays/Fridays) between 1 pm and 3 pm

Twitter — (weekdays) between 12 pm and 6 pm

LinkedIn — (Tuesday — Thursday) between 7am/8am and 5pm/6pm

Post the right types of content

A study was conducted by SocialBakers that revealed that certain types of content could give you a massive boost in organic reach. Results from their study noted that videos had the highest organic range on Facebook. This is huge in today’s market, with the fast-changing forms of media, and communication says Shankar Rajendran. Keep updated with the changing types of content within social media and try to stay relevant for it will give your social media page a leg up from the huge competition.

Shankar Rajendran is an expert in social media. He is from Orange, Connecticut and works on various projects, clients and web pages that all need an understanding of social media’s power in today’s wonderful yet complicated world of web.

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