The Importance of Social Media for Professionals

Social media marketing is an important technique all individuals and companies can benefit from.

As a social media marketing specialist, Shankar Rajendran has seen the amazing impact social media has had on the careers of professionals as well as the success of companies.

But with social media being so popular, and so many sites being easily accessible, it’s difficult to determine which ones will benefit you the most. Here, Shankar Rajendran discusses the necessities for all professionals and the unique accounts necessary for specific industries.

LinkedIn: for all Professionals

LinkedIn should never be overlooked as an important online resume and networking tool. Fully develop your profile by including relevant experience in the industry you specialize in (or hope to), and connect with friends, teachers, co-workers, employers, employees, etc. Anyone you have worked professionally with that you have a good or neutral relationship with. You never know when someone will be looking in the LinkedIn connections to find a qualified applicant to fill a position at their company, says Shankar Rajendran. Be sure to share professional work and interesting articles to stay relevant on the ever updating news feed.

Personal Websites: for the Creatives

If you’re in a creative field, such as marketing, website design, blogging, photography, etc., it is important that you keep track of your work (published and unpublished/ personal work) and showcase your abilities all in one place: on a personal website. No need to use complicated HTML coding, says Shankar Rajendran. Keep it simple and straight forward. Tell (and show) viewers what you are passionate about, what you have done, and what you want to do. Gone are the days of lugging around a portfolio. Bring a laptop, or better yet an i-Pad and show potential employers your online portfolio.

Twitter: for the Writers and Business Professionals

Twitter may seem to be something for the younger generation, but it’s actually a great tool to stay updated on recent events, practices, articles, etc., and get involved with the conversation. If you want to share your content and give your two cents to what’s going on in your industry, get twitter and start tweeting! Keep it professional, urges Shankar Rajendran, who has seen many professionals lose their jobs over the use of offensive language. Remember that your twitter account is not a place to be social with friends. Use it as a professional marketing channel where you can provide your expert opinion on current topics (check trending hashtags) and share your content.

Instagram: for Real Estate Professionals

Instagram and real estate agents: the perfect mix according to Shankar Rajendran!

Shankar Rajendran says Instagram is not the best platform for many professionals, as it forces them to get super personal if they want to be active and stay relevant. However, lately there has been a popular surge of real estate professionals using Instagram to display homes for sale or rent. This is a brilliant idea, says Shankar, as it allows real estate professionals to attract clients, targeting them through ads in the area of the property, and allowing people to view a house they otherwise would not have time to! Additionally, real estate professionals can share pictures of businesses and sights in the locations they specialize in! Show home owners and renters why they should look for a property in that destination. Attend events, visit local coffee shops, and look into the history of the town to attract clients.

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