Shankar Rajendran from Orange, CT talks Social Media Tips for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs


Social media strategy is one of the critical factors that can influence the success of a business, says Shankar Rajendran. Shankar is a social media specialist from Orange, Connecticut. His knowledge of social media extends more than knowing how to operate the many systems that now factor into our everyday screentime; he understands the marketing and detail it takes to conduct an online presence. One thing that often gets overlooked in all of the features that it takes to run and create a business it the social media approach. Why should the industry be thinking about social media? Most target markets, if not all, use some form of media, says Shankar Rajendran. It’s important to factor this into your marketing plans to influence growth, reach and the potential of a more diverse and improved overall business strategy.

Make a commitment to social media

As an entrepreneur or business owner, it’s important to make the commitment to social media. Whether it be one page or different pages/platforms, find what works for your business and stick with it. Pages that are not updated make the customers feel like your business may be outdated, especially in these online presence days. Like any other form of marketing, social media can be a challenge. But, creating a schedule and sticking to it makes everything easier, says Shankar Rajendran.

Shankar Rajendran wants to know what your favorite social media app is.

Show off your personality through content

It’s important to be authentically you, says Shankar Rajendran, especially when it comes to a social media page. People will be able to tell something unique and authentic from just another attempt at advertising. When you create an online personality that is warm, casual and friendly, you make your followers feel like your business is a friend of theirs and less a business trying to make a profit, says Shankar Rajendran. Social media gives you the chance to connect your services and products to real life experiences, and how you choose to show respect to your consumers and followers on a personal level.

Listen to customers rather than promote your business

Great social media pages for businesses are built around listening to your customers and not promoting to them, says Shankar Rajendran. Get to know the people who use your services and products. Show that they are valued by commenting back to a tweet, or reposting an Instagram post. Showing that your business has a style is necessary, but also showing that you care about those who use your product is most important, says Shankar Rajendran. Instead of making every post on your social media page about advertising or promoting a new product, try getting into conversations with your followers and getting to know the people who make your business exist.

Shankar Rajendran is a social media speculatist from Orange, Connecticut.His expertise and understanding of social media have helped businesses and entrepreneurs begin the journey that is the world wide web. Having an online presence can be intimidating, but it is only necessary to survive as a business in today’s market. Creating an online presence should be at the top of your list as an entrepreneur or business owner.

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