Shankar Rajendran of Orange, CT Defends Social Media Usage at Work

Social media usage at work isn’t as bad as it seems, says Shankar Rajendran.

Sometimes people scouring social media while at work are careful to hide their computer screens from managers. Employees look over their shoulders constantly, conscious of wandering eyes. Some companies even go so far as to block popular social media sites on work computers. But when is it necessary to use social media at work?

Shankar Rajendran, a Social Media Marketer from Orange, CT, believes that in certain cases, it is appropriate to use these platforms while on company time.

Social media branding

Shankar Rajendran names branding as an important social media aspect.

The most obvious instance to use social media platforms at work is to create and sustain brand recognition. Shankar Rajendran notes that for certain organizations, “social media management” is not part of the job description, but multiple employees take this on in addition to their regularly assigned tasks. Efforts could be aimed at advertising an upcoming event or promotion, re-posting content from business partners and clients, or even promoting articles that relate to the company and the industry it is part of. In this case, employees are not on social media platforms for personal use.

In addition, when potential customers or clients are considering doing business with your company, they may conduct a simple Google search to see what others are saying about you. It’s helpful if employees are monitoring social media regularly to brainstorm a course of action if necessary.

News updates

It is becoming more common for people to use social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook as a way to get news. Shankar Rajendran points out that newspaper publications are not as popular as they once were for consumers and that many people are vouching to forego the purchase of cable television for online streaming services.

A lot of the time, news updates can affect daily operations of a business. For example, if you work in the corporate office for a large retailer, you may see updates on the retail industry or about a competitor that could affect business. Shankar Rajendran says that it’s also important to be aware of what the daily “buzz” is and which hashtags are gaining traction!

Content creation

Shankar Rajendran says promoting content is just as important as creating it!

If you’re creating some content for your website, you need a place to promote it! Chances are, potential customers and clients aren’t regularly scanning your website for updates. Employees can post these updates on social media to generate web traffic on the company’s social media account. This goes hand-in-hand with brand recognition.

Additionally, if your company is small, employees may promote their workplace via personal social media accounts. Don’t underestimate important contacts that may be on your employees’ friends lists!

It is important to differentiate when social media usage at work is acceptable. Don’t be so quick to block Twitter, Facebook, or Youtube on work computers. Sometimes a little social media usage can benefit company operations and foster a healthy work culture.

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