Should You Hire a Social Media Coordinator?

Orange, CT resident, Shankar Rajendran, is a social media marketer.

As your small business grows into a mid-sized company, you may consider new ways of utilizing capital. Should you invest in a larger office space? Upgrade your technologies? Or maybe you’re thinking about adding a new department to the team. Before you make a final decision, maybe you should consider adding a dedicated resource for social media efforts.

For businesses he works with, Shankar Rajendran, a Social Media Marketer, Freelancer and Consultant based out of Orange, CT, recommends hiring a Social Media or Communications Coordinator.

Creating Efficiencies

Managing social media takes time. If you’re a small company, chances are your employees have a lot on their plate. Adding social media posting and management to that plate takes time and focus away from regular daily tasks and can even be detrimental to business operations, says Shankar Rajendran.And if social media is not a priority, there is more opportunity for error. With an abundance of broken links, spelling and grammatical errors, and boring or average posts, you may as well not even use social media at all.

By hiring an employee dedicated exclusively to social media, you can create efficiency by allowing employees to focus on their regular work tasks while having a social media expert maximize efforts.

There are various benefits to hiring a social media coordinator.

Building a Brand

What differentiates your business from a competitor? If you offer the same services as the next company, what would encourage potential consumers and clients to hire you? Shankar Rajendran says that when prospective clients are searching for services, they will likely go with the company with a stronger brand presence.

How do you build a stronger brand presence? By increasing your presence on social media. As previously mentioned, social media efforts take time. By hiring a professional, you have a built-in planner that can create strategic social media or communications plans that center around specific strategies, tactics, or key messages you want to market to your audience.

Many Options

If a dedicated, full-time social media expert seems like a large and unnecessary expense, there are alternatives. If there just isn’t enough work to justify this professional on your company’s budget, consider hiring a part-time employee for these efforts. Shankar Rajendran also says you can hire a freelancer for a fraction of the cost.

Do not overlook the importance of Social Media Coordinators, says Shankar Rajendran.

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